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What is NAP and why is it important for your Digital Marketing?

What is NAP and why is it important for your digital marketing?

NAP is an acronym for:



Phone number

If you’re a business owner, your business likely has a name, address and phone number. The problem however is that occasionally the information may be incorrect or not the same.

This can cause confusion among search engines and possibly affect your website authority score and listing on maps.

The name of your business is the beginning of NAP, and should be exactly as it is registered. If you discover an error online somewhere be sure to have it corrected.

Where many errors occur tend to be in postal codes or street names. For example:

5555 Anystreet Blvd


5555 Anystreet Boulevard

May seem like the same street address but they are not the same or consistent. Always use the official address spelling that Canada Post has listed and business owners should be verifying that their business address is the same across the internet anywhere the address is listed. If you come across an error have it corrected.

Phone number is the final part of NAP. Be sure that the area code is correct and the rest of your phone number. As always if there is an error have it corrected.

A good idea is to always keep a list of places that your business NAP is listed online. That way, if you ever move, or change your phone number it will be easier to find your NAP and update it.

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