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  • Chedo Stepanovic

How to get more Instagram followers for your business.

How to get more Instagram followers?

Whether you like social media or not is irrelevant. Today, Meta the parent company of Facebook and Instagram has over 1 billion subscribers and it continues to grow. So how do you get more Instagram followers for your business? I’ll outline below what you should be doing regardless of how many Instagram followers you have now.

1. Post at least once per day and write a description or content to accompany the post that your target market would find value in reading or entertaining. If possible posting twice per day would be even better. Consider posting sometime in the morning and late day or evening. When it comes to what type of post to use that will depend on the kind of business you’re in. Obviously if you’re selling products you should be posting images of those products. If you are in the service industry try posting images or videos of before and after your service. If you own a restaurant, obviously posting images of your food, décor, staff, supplies, events would make the most sense. Either way, post one to two times per day and you should see an increase your Instagram followers.

2. Respond as much as you can. If people are leaving comments, always interact and engage with them. This generates a connection between your business and your prospects. Never argue or make someone feel bad, keep your comments professional and always take the high road.

3. Post a live video at least twice per week. Take the opportunity to talk about what you do, or introduce new products, answer questions or solve problems.

4. Connect and collaborate with other Instagram channels. By building content together with others you could get the same or similar followers that the other channel attracts.

5. Post carousels, users like flipping through multiple images and if possible including interesting facts or some kind of educational content.

Always remember that your goal is to grow followers that will convert to buying customers. Never buy followers, these are often fake and will not result in any real growth or sales.

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