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What is Google My Business?

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Google My Business Logo

Google My Business is an amazing feature provided by Google for free. It helps businesses connect with customers by sharing information about themselves, and being found on Google maps and search. Companies can list information such as:

· Company name

· Address

· Phone number

· Website URL

· Hours of operation

· Pictures

· Video’s

· Posts

Hours of operation

Whats really great about Google My Business is that you can list special hours of operation in advance. This helps you not confuse customers. For example, you may be closed or open during a holiday, if they find your listing, and you’ve updated the holiday hours they can quickly see what your holiday hours are.

Text messaging

Text messaging your business is now available too. With so many searches being done on mobile devices a lot of people prefer texting questions. Now they can text your business directly from the listing. This is a very powerful way to quickly connect to your customers and to out service your competition.

List Products

Restaurants can add their menu to Google My Business, and other types of business can add product and service descriptions. These descriptions can include pricing, although this feature is currently not enabled, it likely will be at some point in the future.

Special Events and offers

If your business has a special offer that you would like to promote, you can list it with all the necessary details that would allow a user to convert and become a customer. As well, you can list special events with start and end dates and times.

Photos and video

Posting photos and videos is a neat feature as well. Its not meant to be like social media though, use it for promotion purposes so that people searching can see what your business and its products and services are all about.

When registering your business, be sure to verify your business and to not leave anything blank that Google asks you for. A fully optimized Google My Business page may also help with your search ranking if you post regularly and are considered an active user.

If you need help, find a digital marketing agency that you trust, they can set your business up properly and help get you verified.

Illustration of Google Map on phone connecting to physical location
Google My Business

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